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Pool Construction

Lake Tahoe Pools works with all budgets. Our expertise means that you receive the highest possible attention to detail.

Pool design and construction is more than good looks. The design process must include how the pool functions. We not only create beautiful aquatic environments to feast your eyes upon, we go to extremes to build dependable, energy efficient, and trouble free pools and spas.

We are also pool repair specialists, so we see firsthand the results of pools built by the low priced and inexperienced pool builders. The owners of cheaply built pools eventually discover that the cost to operate and constantly repair their low priced pool overcomes the initial savings.

Fortunately, not all small budget projects are nightmares. We offer basic pool installations that easily compete with the high volume builders. The difference is our personal attention and high quality craftsmanship.

Ask about the latest pool controls that allow full pool and spa operation from your mobile device or computer. Just think of the convenience of heating your spa as you finish your meal at a restaurant. When you get home, hop in and enjoy!

Pool Remodeling and Equipment Updates

We offer renovations that can be as simple as a new interior surface, or so complete that you can claim that it’s a new pool. Remodeling should also take into account the operation of the support equipment. You will want to protect the cosmetic remodeling with a properly operating circulation system. The water clarity provided by our equipment updates is as amazing as a new pool.
The added benefit of updated equipment is a huge reduction in operating costs. We typically see the cost of electricity to run a pool cut in half, and in most cases much more.

Pool Service and Repairs

All pools and spas need ongoing maintenance and periodic repairs. Our experienced technicians will take those tasks off of your to-do list. As we like to say about our full service, “all you do is swim.”

Pool Inspections

Are you looking into purchasing a property with a pool? One of the most important steps of the process is a home inspection. While home inspectors perform a cursory pool inspection, they usually don’t have the expertise or insight to provide a thorough report on the pool and support equipment. Please consider hiring us to provide all of the essential details on the pool.

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